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We have been dealing with bitcoin for several years and are excited that the popularity of BTC has been increasing across the globe.  Bitcoin will likely have bumps in the road, however, we believe it will continue to grow as the premier cryptocurrency. Regardless of its future, the fact remains that bitcoin is currently one of the easiest ways for individuals across the globe to enjoy online gaming with fast and easy deposits. For that reason, we have created this site to help others learn how to use bitcoin and select the best online betting site for them.

Our team has been in the online gaming community for over 10 years, starting with the online poker boom in the early 2000’s, and keep very much up to date on the newest information that hits the marketplace. Bitcoinbetting.net aims to be the premier website for bitcoin betting information, you can also reach out to us for any specific BTC questions (non-gaming related as well).

We take the time to thoroughly review each btc gaming site to make sure it’s of quality standards before recommending it. With our bitcoin information and reviews you will be able to make an informed decision on where you want to use your cryptocurrency to bet.

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